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Recently two members of our BonafIDcatch team, myself included, had the pleasure of dining at a local restaurant in Alton known as Shogun. Upon arrival, we were greeted warmly and offered a choice between dining at the hibachi or dining at a table in a separate room. We chose the Hibachi, as we were looking forward to the experience and entertainment that was sure to be a part of our lunch excursion. As we were being led to our chairs at the Hibachi we couldn’t help but to notice the overall cleanliness of the restaurant and before we knew it, we found ourselves at a table that was lit up in the color blue thanks to the lights that ran all the way around our designated seating area. It was subtle but elegant all at the same time and complemented the calm atmosphere quite well. Shortly after being seated, we were offered a variety of drinks by a very polite waitress, as well as being told the specials for that particular day.

The drinks were brought soon after, and upon sampling the appetizers, we found ourselves noticing how fresh they were. Following appetizers, the lunch was prepared quite soon after on the hibachi by a very talented chef. My lunch companion ordered a lunch of chicken and shrimp while I myself ordered the scallops and chicken. It was hard to decide which we liked the most about the lunch between the amazing quality of food that was cooked just right and the entertainment provided by the hibachi chef. The chef that made our lunch selections was quite talented, in that he was able to provide a number of tricks with the cooking utensils and the food, even offering both of us the opportunity to catch bits with our mouths.

At the completion of lunch, the bill was brought and placed discretely beside our seats. Considering the generous portions we had been served, and the large hand rolls that we had as appetizers, both my companion and I were surprised at how reasonable the bill was. We here at BonafIDcatch would like to give this restaurant five stars across the board for Cleanliness, Atmosphere, Timely Service, Food Quality and Quantity, and Experience. We are proud to say this was one of the best lunches that we have had in quite a while around the Riverbend area, and we would highly recommend giving it a try in the near future if you are in the area.

Author: Jessica Kirk-Gregory