Seamark Launches King Prawn Ready-to-Cook Range

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Seamark’s King Prawn Pak Choi.

Seamark has launched its first foray into ready-to-cook, featuring the group’s signature product – prawns. On Tuesday, April 24 at the Seafood Expo Global in Brussel the Manchester, UK, headquartered global seafood supplier unveiled its ‘complete cuisine’ range of King Prawn Stir Fry, King Prawn Pak Choi and King Prawn Quinoa.
It’s a trio of freshly frozen, easy to prepare, well-balanced prawn and vegetable-led dishes in tune with contemporary healthy lifestyles.
King Prawn Quinoa and King Prawn Stir Fry.
King Prawn is the universal nickname for Seamark’s founder and CEO Iqbal Ahmed OBE. In 40 years, his firm has achieved a worldwide reach and is one of the great success stories in the world of fish processing. Seamark produces more than 80 tonnes of high quality raw product a week in the UK alone with group sales increasing by 10 per cent in 2017 to US $210 million.Under various own brands you’ll find their produce in leading supermarkets. Their plant also produces samosas, spring rolls, parathas and other finger foods.
Now, after extensive product-testing, comes this enticing launch into ready-to-cook, based around farmed prawns.
Seamark’s plant.
The Stir Fry is a wok-ready mixture of peeled king prawns and green beans, red peppers, sweetcorn, water chestnuts, mushrooms, beansprouts and bamboo shoots. Colourful and crunchy, it is quick and easy to prepare with a condiment of your choice, soy sauce, toasted sesame oil or sriracha. The Pak Choi is an equally delicious green dream of dish, here the prawns combined with sugar snap peas, spinach, soy beans and pak choi. Finally, the Quinoa is ‘clean eating’ on a plate yet also quite substantial. That’s down to having quinoa, described as the complete protein, and brown rice as a base for curly kale, leek tomatoes, red onion and aromatic spices. All dishes are easy to cook within eight minutes.
About Seamark

Seamark is one of the Europe’s leading processors, exporters and distributors of frozen food and has been since it opened its doors in 1976. With national and international operations in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA, Seamark truly is global in its ambitions and its capabilities.

Its extensive network in the Indian subcontinent and the Far East, such as in; Bangladesh, India, Vietnam China and Thailand has allowed the company to introduce a variety of seafood. Most notably it has introduced King Prawns, Vannamei and Black Tiger Shrimps to the European market.

Today, Seamark boasts more than 1000 items, ranging from its traditional seafood products to a variety of fish, poultry, dry and finger foods. Seamark’s supply chain network extends across a vast array of Europe’s largest supermarkets, wholesalers  and food service companies  such as Carrefour, Metro, Makro and Brake Brothers.

What’s more, the way in which Seamark harvest and process its products ensures a totally traceable system, ensuring customers the highest quality products available.

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