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The BonafIDcatch Story

Our Story

BonafIDcatch is owned and operated by two managing partners, Charles E. Murphree, Jr. and Joan Stader, Ph.D.

For more than thirty years, Murphree and Stader have been in the business of aligning government interests with technology developers. When they became aware of an interest from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) about DNA testing of seafood, Murphree and Stader put their heads together and did some research and development of their own.

“All this regulation and the job is not getting done.” Dr. Stader said when she and Murphree examined the five agencies overseeing seafood safety. “They’re all focused on their unique missions and not thinking about the consumer.”

Necessity is the mother of invention, and hence, BonafIDcatch was born. Through DNA barcoding, BonafIDcatch certifies retailers who serve authentic seafood as a matter of practice. Where government agencies have failed consumers at the plate, BonafIDcatch empowers consumers with the knowledge they need to make safer and healthier choices when it comes to dining and shopping for seafood.

Protecting our health, wallets, and oceans. BonafIDcatch.

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Charles E. Murphree, Jr. and Joan Stader, Ph.D.