Seafood Expo North America 2017 Saucy Fish “Frozen Just Got Cooler” campaign racks up impressions

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Author: Christine Blank

A month after launching a new frozen line in more than 550 Sainsbury’s stores in the United Kingdom, Icelandic Seachill’s The Saucy Fish Co.’s “Frozen Just Got Cooler” digital campaign reached 13 million consumers.

“Video plays a big part in the digital activity, especially across social media, with the brand’s frozen video content racking up in excess of 600,000 views just half way through the campaign,” according to a statement from Saucy Fish.

Saucy Fish’s new frozen line features five flavors: Sea Bass with Salsa Verde; Smoked Haddock with Vintage Cheddar and Chive Sauce; Salmon with Chilli, Lime and Ginger Dressing; and two Saucy center-of-the-plate fishcake varieties.

“2017 has already been a great year for The Saucy Fish Co., not only with the U.K. frozen launch, but also internationally as we continue to grow the brand overseas,” said Anne Laudage, brand manager for Saucy Fish, adding that the supplier will continue its international focus at Seafood Expo North America in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. taking place 19 to 21 March.

In a move to make frozen “cooler,” Saucy Fish teamed up with Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube and leading digital influencer Katie Pix to create a series of five social recipes videos that feature the supplier’s new frozen meals.

The latest Food Tube video, which highlights Sea Bass with Salsa Verde, received 150,000 views in three days across social channels.

“We’re thrilled with how well the new Saucy frozen range has been received and initial results are extremely positive,” Laudage said. “Our ‘Frozen Just Got Cooler’ digital campaign set out to inspire a new generation of shoppers, catching them online through captivating content.”

Last year, The Saucy Fish Co. was named the top global seafood brand by U.S. food marketing organization The Food Group. It won out over 19 other leading seafood brands from around the world, according to the supplier.