Seafood a super food for brain, heart health

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You could call it a super food for the brain and the heart, which is why experts say we all need to be eating more fish.

Dr. Jack Wolfson is a holistic cardiologist and told us the omega-3 fatty acids in fish work wonders.

“Those omega three fats or oils are just pure nutrition for the brain and all the cells in the body including the heart,” he said. “Omega-3s are in every single cell and the way cells communicate with each other, the way cells accept information from other parts of the body, hormones.

“Whether it’s thyroid, progesterone, testosterone, it’s all dependent upon the way the signals are functioning in the body.”

He said while omega-3 supplements are good, nutrition is always better in the whole food form so finding ways to get fish into your diet is important.

And he said we should be aiming or two to three servings a week.

So which ones are best? Wolfson suggests anything wild caught, but he especially likes anchovies and sardines because they’re easy to take with you.

He’s also a fan of oysters and other shellfish.