Peacemaker Lobster & Crab

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Are you tired of going to the same type of place to get a great seafood meal? Are you in the mood for something fresh and different? If so, then allow me to introduce you to Peacemaker Seafood. The name draws you in and the menu will make you want to stay until you’ve tried 2 of everything.

Peacemaker is one location that is definitely not your typical “run of the mill” type of seafood restaurant. Located in Benton Park on Sydney Street, Peacemaker is most definitely in an area that encourages relaxation and maybe even a stroll either before or after dining here. The first thing most people notice aside from the lovely neighborhood is the patio area and façade that make you think almost immediately of beach side dining establishments. The front of the building consists of brick with lovely white frame accents as well as a rather large metal crab which I took to mean was their unofficial mascot.

After admiring the exterior, my companions and I stepped inside and found ourselves equally pleased with the beach and seafood themed decorations as well as the ample room available. A staff member quickly came to greet us and genuinely seemed interested in how we had heard of the restaurant and if it was our first time, before informing us that there was no need to wait to be seated. We were a bit surprised but not unpleasantly, as sometimes it can be nice to choose a comfortable location to sit when dining out as opposed to being sat in a location that is set by both hostesses and wait staff beforehand. It wasn’t long before we had situated ourselves at a good sized table with a very unique top that almost appeared to be made of weathered squares of metal that had been welded together. My companions and I took note of this, remarking of how it added quite a bit to the nice ocean-type feel of the restaurant.

Soon after, the menus were perused and found to have a lovely array of seafood choices that were all quite reasonable in terms of price. With choices made, we all walked to the hostess stand and placed our orders as we had been instructed. It was done quite quickly which was nice as the restaurant was occupied by a moderate amount of lunch time patrons. When ordering was completed, we grabbed our beverages and made the short trip back to our table.

While waiting, I took the liberty of enjoying my surrounding, which given the theme and the lovely temperature that was cool without being overbearing, this was quite easy to do. Personally, I rather enjoyed the pictures of the many people who assist in making the restaurant what it is, as well as the original look of the raw bar. Very shortly thereafter our selections were brought and it wasn’t long before we all realized just how this restaurant managed to receive such wonderful praise from so many people throughout our own personal networks.

My companion Joan ordered the Frito pie along with a bowl of chowder, while my other companion Charles ordered an array of fresh oysters along with a shrimp poorboy. I ordered the buffalo crawfish poor boy which was served with homemade chips. One thing we all noticed after our food had been placed on the table was the wrapper around the Frito pie. This was a dish that actually came served in the bag of chips that gave the dish part of its name. All peculiarities aside, my lunch partners and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the server that came by from time to time to see to our continued enjoyment as well as the other customers.

Long after our meal had been finished, we found ourselves still at the restaurant, enjoying the easygoing feel of the place and the large bay windows that let in a considerable amount of sunshine. When all topics of conversation had finished, the bill was discretely handled and we found ourselves a bit surprised at just how much time had passed since we had first entered the restaurant. My companions and I agreed that any place that encourages relaxation to the point where time flies because you are truly having fun and enjoying yourself is quite rare in this day and age and not to be missed. If you are in the mood for truly authentic tasting seafood and friendly decorations that make you feel like you are right by the shore, you would do well to give this place a try. Trust me; you’ll be glad you did.

Author: Jessica Kirk-Gregory