Pairing Wine and Seafood

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Author: Gretchen Roberts

Don’t drown out the delicate flavors of seafood with an overpowering red; we offer 4 different types of wine light enough to mesh well with delicious fish and shellfish.

Which wines go best with fish and shellfish?

People often choose a white wine for fish, and with good reason: Most fish and shellfish have delicate, subtle flavors that call for an equally light wine. But coatings and sauces, even with fish and shellfish, often determine the perfect pairing.

Mussels or Clams in a Wine Broth

The classic French preparation of mussels being steamed in shallot-wine broth and served with fries calls for either a dry, minerally white like muscadet to enhance the taste of the sea, or a decadent chardonnay to enrich the mussels. Clams are similar in taste and texture and can be used a well.

Flaky White Fish with a Browned Butter Sauce

A big, creamy, oaky New World chardonnay is the perfect partner to rich, nutty browned butter sauce.

Crispy Cajun Catfish

Highlight the fresh simplicity of this spicy fish with a bright, acidic white wine that acts like a squeeze of lemon on the fish. Inexpensive American sparkling wine is a refreshing palate-cleanser for this down-home dish.

Crab Cakes

Bring out the sweet notes of the crabmeat with a spätlese (semisweet) riesling, or round out the rich, tangy rémoulade with a refreshingly dry chenin blanc.