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If you’re a fan of buffets, then you’ve probably heard of Hokkaido’s, especially in you live in or around the Metro East. This place truly offers a little bit of everything in hopes of pleasing even the most discerning of patrons, even going so far as hosting a hibachi that runs every day during business hours. The fact that the hibachi service is included in the price of the buffet and not as an additional charge does seem to be quite a selling point to most, as I myself have heard exclaimed a time or two.

Like most places that I review, it doesn’t seem like much when you drive by, but when you do take notice of it, it does make for an interesting meal destination. The sign itself advertises for steak, sushi and seafood all located within, and if you are a fan of any of the options, it is sure to please. Personally, I am quite a fan of both sushi itself and seafood, and one of the reasons that I do stop by when I’m in the neighborhood is because the sushi that I have been lucky enough to try is always fresh and there is always someone willing to make you an even fresher batch if you find yourself a bit wary of the sushi that is currently on display. I find this to be important not only in terms of hospitality, but also in terms of health.

If the very idea of sushi makes your appetite go down a bit, as it does for some people that I know, the hibachi located at the back of the restaurant a offers a nice selection of beef, chicken and shrimp along with fresh vegetables. You simply make your selection and inform the chef, and one of the things that is quite nice aside of from the freshly prepared dish is the option to have it made in a low-sodium setting, either with or without some spice to it. They are very understanding especially when it comes to those that have certain dietary restrictions and that is really is quite a nice commodity.

Typically when I visit this location, I find myself drawn to the baked seafood salad set atop real sea shells. It is very unique and always made quite fresh, although it could be made that fresh due to the fact that it is one of the fastest items to be chosen. Aside from this item though, there are also some traditional favorites of mine like chicken wings, pasta, and stuffed mushrooms. I’ve noticed that much of the time the younger patrons tend to prefer these dishes, and they always seem quite happy when they find that these items are available and that they will not be expected to dine solely on items such as the fresh calamari or prawns.

I quite like coming to this location with groups, as I am sure that when the selection is seen by the people I dine with, there will be no one going home hungry. It is true that there is a lot to choose from, but if I may offer a bit of advice, it would be to come either early in the afternoon or a bit later in the evening, as these are times when the food seems to be freshest. When I have dined at this location during the mid-afternoon time frame, there always seems to be a larger crowd which can make the seating a bit limited, and because the staff is busy with seeing to the patrons, the food doesn’t seem to be switched out as much as it could be. Keep in mind though, that is just this reviewers opinion, and you could find yourself having a completely different experience altogether.

Personally, I find that the price point for this restaurant does appear to be quite reasonable throughout the week, but on the week end, the prices do go up a bit, as with most restaurants. However, if you are looking for a nice place to dine following a weekend activity, it can be quite worth it even with the price increase. While the idea of dining at a buffet might not appeal to all, I highly recommend trying out this location because when you are dining here, they do their best to treat you as more than just another face in the crowd, and in this day and age, that is worth more than any price increase.

Author: Jessica Kirk-Gregory