Why is there a waiting period for membership acceptance?2017-10-02T19:06:33-05:00

It gives BonafIDcatch a chance to sample your seafood and determine if you are selling authentically labeled product.

What does it mean to be a “member location in good standing”?2017-10-02T19:07:21-05:00

A member location in good standing has passed its most recent DNA barcoding test and has paid its annual membership.

What does it mean to be “de-listed” or “re-listed”?2017-10-02T19:07:52-05:00

A member ceases to be a member in good standing if the most recent sample they provided shows evidence of mislabeling. When this occurs, the member is removed from the BonafIDcatch website and mobile app and will not come up in a search by consumers. Upon acceptable resolution of the problem, and passing the next scheduled test, the member will be re-listed.

What is expected of members?2017-10-02T19:08:28-05:00
  • Label seafood using the proper FDA market name or a generally accepted local name in advertisements, display counters, and fish packaging (if a local name is used, provide literature informing the customer of the proper FDA market name)
  • Properly label the seafood as “farm-raised” or “wild-caught”
  • Release a seafood sample at no charge to a BonafIDcatch sampler
  • Honor and sign the BonafIDcatch voucher/Material Transfer Document, acknowledging that the sample was taken
  • Provide evidence that the cause of a failed test has been corrected
What is the process for sampling seafood sold by my business?2017-10-02T19:09:28-05:00

Our process is non-disruptive. We use actors posing as customers who discretely order their food (dine-in or carry-out) and present a BonafIDcatch Material Transfer Document to the wait staff containing the name of the menu item, the date and the signature of the server and the sampler. The sample receives a scannable barcode and is shipped to the laboratory within 24 hours. The results are available to the merchant online within 2 weeks.

How does BonafIDcatch test seafood samples?2017-10-02T19:10:00-05:00

BonafIDcatch uses a chain-of-custody process to sample product, and it uses the highest quality database to analyze DNA barcodes. The database was established using a painstaking process of obtaining whole fish and performing species identification using the expertise of museum taxonomists. The taxonomies were correlated with DNA barcode sequences which are proprietary to Applied Food Technologies, Inc. and exclusive to our commercial third-party validation.