El Mezcal

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If you have ever driven down Godfrey Road through Alton, then you have probably noticed El Mezcal. It is set just off of the road, and the patio area has a small grove of trees that separates it from the Pizza Hut that is located next door. It’s not too much to look at from the outside, but don’t let that fool you. Thanks to recent renovations throughout the restaurant, it is nicer than ever before.

One of the first things you may notice with this restaurant is that the parking lot is either very full or almost empty. This place gives new meaning to the term “rush hour”, in that when it is lunch or dinner time, the parking lot can seem to be packed, but that should not stop you from finding a parking space and trying it out. The renovations have really opened up the restaurant and the efficient service means the wait time is never unbearable. If anything, you may come in during a rush hour and by the time you leave you may be one of only two or three cars in the parking lot.

Personally, this restaurant is one of my tried and true favorites from the Alton area. I’ve been coming for years, and it is because of the cleanliness, friendly wait staff and reasonable prices that I’ve kept coming back. Not only is a great place to meet friends for margaritas and a meal, but it is also very family friendly.

On this recent visit, I sat at my usual table on the the patio and I decided to try something different than my usual Pollo Azteca which consists of chicken atop rice and vegetables that are covered in cheese, and go for the highly recommended Camaron El Mezcal. This dish did not disappoint, even if it didn’t quite match the picture representation from the menu. The Camaron El Mezcal is a dish that has shrimp layered on top of fresh vegetables and served with rice that has been covered in cheese. It was absolutely perfect and the portion itelf was very generous. I especially liked that the vegetables were crisp and the shrimp were jumbo.

Between the meal and the gorgeous temperature, this was one meal that was truly enjoyed and appreciated. I was very lucky throughout this experience to have a waiter who was very attentive and polite, and who handled everything with a smile. He was very friendly, and between his demeanor and the superb meal, I am already planning my return trip. I highly encourage everyone to try this location at least once if you are in the area, and if your visit is anything like mine have consistently been, you’ll have such a good time that you will be planning your next visit before you even make it out of the parking lot.

Author: Jessica Kirk-Gregory