Clean Space Clear Thoughts: Mind, Body & Spirit

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I wish there was a manual on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Maybe even a checklist. Mostly because I love checklists. Wake up refreshed – check. Eat a balanced all-natural breakfast – check. Spend five minutes in solitary meditating – check. Drink a ton of water throughout the day – check. Get in a good workout – check. And the checklist would go on and on. But of course, there isn’t a checklist on how to live a healthy and well balance lifestyle. Because if there was, I would own this checklist. And I would have it memorized. But there is no generalized idealization of what a healthy lifestyle is. And that’s because we are all different and unique human beings placed on this planet to have our own thoughts and beliefs and interact with one another. So, this is my individualized manual of what constitutes as a healthy and well- balanced lifestyle for my personal beliefs.


Your mind is the center of all. It is how we make decisions and tell our body what to do. If your mind is not in line, then how do you expect your body and spirit to be healthy? For me, my mind is my biggest downfall when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. I can get so caught up with what is “ideal” that I forgot to do what is right for me. I must have a clear mind before I can do anything. Because if not, then all I think about is what is on my mind and it prohibits me from enjoying a nice long hike through the nature trail or an intense yoga session. So, I spend five minutes in silence by myself every morning. I let myself forget about all the things that are going on around me and for five minutes I concentrate on myself. It is my “me” time and it allows me to start each day refreshed, recharged, and ready to live the best life I can for myself.


Your body is a temple, so treat it that way. Your body is what you have for the rest of your life, so why not cherish it and give it the best possible chance to be healthy? I do this by watching what I put into my body and utilizing my body in various exercises. For most of my meals, I try to shy away from processed and packaged foods and eat more natural and fresh foods. If your fruit, vegetable, and lean protein intake is greater than your packaged donut intake – then you are doing just fine. It is still okay to “live a little. It is all about finding a balance for you. A healthy diet in combination with various exercises will take your body far in this world. It is important to get your body moving as much as you can. Whether it is a short walk around the block or a marathon, any exercise is good exercise, and this exercise will do both your body and mind good.


If your mind and body are in line for a healthy lifestyle, then your spirit will flourish. Your spirit encompasses who you are. It portrays all aspects of your mind and body and allows you to be you. Once you have trained your mind to tell your body to be healthy, your spirit will comprehend this lifestyle. Healthy living will no longer be something that you have to check off your to-do list, but instead, will be the core of your lifestyle. Everything in your life will revolve around this living, and therefore, will allow you to be the best you can be.

Jackie Fornelli, BSN, RN.