How to Pair Fish and Wine Swimmingly

Author: Bill St. John White wine with fish? It ain't that simple. Bill St. John explains. (Last in a four-part series on pairing food and wine.) In the world of matching wine with food, little else is fishier than the hackneyed advice, "White wine with fish." "Just any sort of white wine" isn't the right advice. Each type of seafood or fish has its proper type of wine — and some of it is red. The same guidelines apply to the best pairings of wine and fish that also apply to matching wine and all those foods that don't have [...]

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Pairing: Chenin Blanc Shines With Seafood

Author: Michele Anna Jordan for the Press Democrat Our Wine of the Week, Husch Vineyards 2017 Anderson Valley Chenin Blanc ($13) is a pretty thing, with a brightness that is both refreshing and engaging. It is as fragrant and beautiful as a summer flower garden, with aromas and flavors that move in and out of our awareness, as if carried on a gentle fall breeze. You’ll notice hints of green honeydew melon, citrus zest, white nectarine, white peach, mangosteen and limestone kissed by a morning drizzle. There’s just the slightest suggestion of sweetness, too. The wine is a natural with [...]

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5 Wines to Pair with Seafood

Author: Dan Dunn Think Mediterranean bottles—or classic Champagne—when pairing wines with crustaceans and fish. Photo: Courtesy Domaine Sigalas   When it comes to food and wine pairings, seafood can be a wildcard—primarily because there’s so much variety to be found within the category. Lobster’s flavor doesn’t much resemble a scallop, and the heartiness of trout in no way resembles the delicate taste of shrimp. The idea that fish should only be served with white wine is incorrect, but pervasive. Still, while a Pinot Noir might complement salmon beautifully, it will almost completely blot out a nice piece of flounder. In [...]

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8 tips to pair your great wine with suitable food options

Author: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi In a mood of spending quality time with your loved one? Well, sipping on great wine and having a meaningful conversation can definitely give you beautiful memories together. But whenever we talk about wine, the only thing comes to our mind to pair it up is cheese. But trust us, wine and food pairing is not that difficult as it sounds! One just needs to keep in mind that the selection of wine must compliment the taste of food ordered. This is why, today, we share few tips on most suitable options to [...]

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Hook, Line and Drinker! The Best Wines to go with Seafood

Author: Olly Smith Event for The Mail on Sunday A bad wine can trash great cooking like swearing at a wedding. But feasting at Paul Ainsworth’s No 6 in Padstow recently I was blind-sided by a stellar combination: scallops with sparkling Japanese sake. Fizzy rice beer paired with scallops? ‘The ruddy perverts,’ I hear you cry! But you too can ride Paul’s breaking waves of wonder, just grab your glass and read on. Shellfish in summer is my biggest treat – warm weather, cool booze and super-fresh food to give you the buzz of the ocean in every bite. Picpoul [...]

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How to Pair Red Wine with Fish

Author: Nils Bernstein Crispy sea bream / Getty   While white wine with seafood has long been traditional advice, try pairing the right red wine with fish to truly elevate your next meal. Sure, the pairing dogma of “white with fish, red with meat” seems antiquated, but it also appears logical, doesn’t it? But logic leads us to enjoy red wine with fish as well. Think of the red or dark ingredients that go with fish: tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, bacon, roasted peppers, soy sauce and cocktail sauce. Some say red wine can overwhelm the delicate flavors of fish, but isn’t [...]

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Suitable options to pair with your wine

Author: NewKerala New Delhi, Sep 26 : Wine and food pairing is not that difficult as it sounds. One just needs to keep in mind that the selection of wine must compliment the taste of food ordered, say experts. Sweta Mohanty, Wine and Spirits Trainer at Aspri Spirit and Dipesh Sinha, Mixologist and wine enthusiast in Sahara Star, Mumbai, share tips on most suitable options to pair with your wine. One can pair their favourite wine with other delicious food too. The most common food items that you can pair your wine with is pizzas, pastas, salads, burgers, pies, seafoods [...]

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A wine expert has revealed the worst wine pairings you can possibly make

Author: Shireen Khalil   THIS guide to which wines you shouldn’t have with certain meals can help you cheat the latest foodie trend of wine knowledge. Wine Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts HOW many times have you been in a situation where you have no idea what wine snobs are talking about? “Oh yes, yes you can really taste the hand-picked fruit in this 18 month-old wine which has been aged in barriques of French oak” — is usually how it goes as they swirl around their oversized glass, sniffing into it. But it can also be said that a lot [...]

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Fall & Winter Seasonal Foods and Wine Pairings

Author: MyRecipes The fall and winter months offer a diverse selection of seasonal produce that can be enjoyed in myriad different dishes. We’ve selected our 10 favorite recipes and their ideal wine pairings. 1 of 11 Photo: Lee Harrelson; Styling: Mindi Shapiro Cold Weather, Rich Flavor Just as the leaves change to warmer colors of crimson, orange and gold, so does the array of seasonal fruits and vegetables. This year, don’t let the chilly temperatures keep you from enjoying the rich, flavorful and nutrient-rich produce available at farmers’ markets across the country. To provide inspiration, try these 10 tasty recipes [...]

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How to Pair Wine with All Your Favorite Brunch Dishes

Author: Martha Stewart Whether you favor pancakes or baked eggs, we've got you covered. Photography by: Bryan Gardner Grenache, found in Walmart’s Winemakers Selection, is an easygoing red wine suited for daytime drinking.   Brunch is one of our favorite meals of the week: it's a leisurely way to catch up with friends and family over a feast of sweet and savory favorites. From pancakes and French toast to bacon and smoked salmon, there is truly something for everyone. And the right wine can be the finishing touch to brunch. The variety of dishes on the table can make wine pairing challenging, but we’re here to help. Here [...]

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