How to Pair Wine with All Your Favorite Brunch Dishes

Author: Martha Stewart Whether you favor pancakes or baked eggs, we've got you covered. Photography by: Bryan Gardner Grenache, found in Walmart’s Winemakers Selection, is an easygoing red wine suited for daytime drinking.   Brunch is one of our favorite meals of the week: it's a leisurely way to catch up with friends and family over a feast of sweet and savory favorites. From pancakes and French toast to bacon and smoked salmon, there is truly something for everyone. And the right wine can be the finishing touch to brunch. The variety of dishes on the table can make wine pairing challenging, but we’re here to help. Here [...]

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5 Best Fall Food and Wine Pairings

If you're a seasonal cook, you know what makes a perfect autumn dish. But what defines the ideal fall wine? Here, our pairings primer. Curried Squash Galette © David Malosh   With a super flaky crust (the secret: frozen, grated butter) and a lightly spiced sweet-savory winter squash filling, this rustic galette from Food & Wine’s Justin Chapel makes a perfect vegetarian meal; serve it with a green salad at your next dinner party and expect to receive compliments from your guests all night. Suggested Pairing: Pinot Gris The first thing to know about Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio? They’re the [...]

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How to Pair a Wine With Steak & Seafood

Author: Elizabeth Sobiski Pairing wine with both steak and seafood may sound like a difficult task, but if you keep some basics in mind, it is definitely achievable. Most people automatically think red wine with steak and whites for seafood, but consider the specific preparations of steak and seafood you'll be serving. A seafood served in a heavy, rich sauce can handle the flavors of a red wine. Some steak dishes do well with a sauvignon blanc, a fuller bodied white wine. When in doubt about wine, ask the experts at the wine shop. Step 1 Consider the steak and [...]

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11 Appetizer Pairings To Serve At Your Next Wine Party

Author: Augusta Statz  Strawmarysmith While National Wine Day only comes once a year, it really doesn’t it doesn’t have to be a “national holiday” to have a glass of wine with friends. In fact, every day can be a reason to celebrate and drink wine, especially if you’ve got these amazing appetizer recipes at your disposal. We all know cheeses, fruit and chocolate pair well with most wines, so if you’re looking to throw a party, these light finger foods are exactly the kind of things that’s going to make your vino taste even better. Check out 11 delicious foods [...]

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Wine reviews: These 3 white wines are perfect for summer seafood at $13 or less

Author: Dave McIntyre Bolivia is one of many countries enjoying a viticultural renaissance the past two or three decades. Here are two absolutely delicious red wines that show what Bolivia can accomplish. They are both tannat, a variety better known for rustic, brawny wines from Uruguay, but made here with more polish and flair. This week’s selections also include three white wines from France’s Loire Valley, showing delicious quality at a value price.   GREAT VALUE Aranjuez Tannat 2016 3 stars Tarija, Bolivia, $25 Tannat can range from bright, light and fruity to (more often) rough-and-tumble rustic. Aranjuez manages to [...]

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A Simple Guide to Wine Pairing

Author: Ellerman House There are two types of people in the world: those who pair their food with their wine, and those who don’t. It doesn’t matter which side you fall on, there are some dishes that remain a challenge. Our Sommelier assist guests when pairing their meals with the perfect bottle of South African wine. We created a simple guide to wine pairing for those who want to enjoy a meal with friends or family. Pairing your wine with the correct dish will enhance your dining experience. The main concept behind this is that certain elements, such as textures [...]

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14 Wines to Pair with your Seafood [Infographic]

Author: Beachside Bar & Cafe Choose the Right Wine for Your Seafood Wine can greatly enhance any great dining experience, but it can often be tricky to find the “right” pairing to go with a meal, and particularly tricky with seafood.  While many traditionally consider white wine to always go with fish, this can be a bit of a generalization, as some kinds of fish can delicious pair with a rosé or a merlot. So, what kinds of fish pair best with the varieties of wine? Here are 11 ideas on great wine and fish pairings. (It’s important to remember [...]

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Wines Of The Week: Serious Wines For The Summertime

Author: Brian Freedman It’s late in the summer—nearly August—and the natural tendency is to drink the sort of casual, not-too-demanding wines that seem to mirror the season. This time of year, for me at least, is defined by grilled meats, languorous weekends, and a wardrobe far more casual than it is any other time of the year. So who wants to drink serious wine while wearing flip-flops? I do. There’s something deeply rewarding about treating yourself to a great bottle or two in the dog days of summer, and the unpretentious decadence of popping the cork from a world-class bottle on [...]

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Summer Wine

Author: Martha Stewart Living, July/August 2000 Summer calls for summer food, and summer food calls for summer wines -- wines that are light, chilly, and not too serious, so that they leave you light and chilled, too. And -- surprise -- this includes red wines. Chilled red wine? Of course. It's summer, and it's too darn hot for stuffy rules. While your usual summer choice might be a jug of something simple, like an inexpensive white Zinfandel, you'll be rewarded if you give your summer wines at least half as much thought as you give your summer food. With just [...]

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Basic Wine Pairings

Author: Paul Stern Wine makes everything taste better, but make sure you're drinking the right kind of wine with your food! There are certain wines that pair better with certain foods, having either similar or contrasting components that bring out the best flavors in each. So whether you're more of a burger, sushi, or pizza kind of person, we've got the perfect wine pairings for everyone's favorite common foods.   Caesar Salad: Prosecco Prosecco has a light, fresh character with apple and pear flavors, as well as a bright minerality that complements the crispness and brightness of the salad. Usually, [...]

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