Basic Wine Pairings

Author: Paul Stern Wine makes everything taste better, but make sure you're drinking the right kind of wine with your food! There are certain wines that pair better with certain foods, having either similar or contrasting components that bring out the best flavors in each. So whether you're more of a burger, sushi, or pizza kind of person, we've got the perfect wine pairings for everyone's favorite common foods.   Caesar Salad: Prosecco Prosecco has a light, fresh character with apple and pear flavors, as well as a bright minerality that complements the crispness and brightness of the salad. Usually, [...]

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Pairing Wine With Fish and Seafood

Author: Hank Shaw Whites Rule, But Reds and Rosés Have Their Place Martí Sans/Stocksy United Pairing wine with fish or seafood can be daunting. Yes, white wines are generally the right choice—but which ones? Choose a dry white when you need a full-bodied, lush wine and you will be disappointed. What about seafood with heavy sauces, like barbecue or tomato sauce? Do you use the same wine with grilled shrimp that you do with lobster Thermidor? 01 of 08 Champagne, Prosecco, Cava Philippe Desnerck/Photolibrary/Getty Images Sparkling wine, whether it's from California, France, Spain, or Italy, is spot-on perfect for fried [...]

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Spanish Wine & Food Pairing: Possibilities Are Limitless

Text & Photographs by Gerry Dawes ©2008   In recent years, Spain has become increasingly popular with American wine drinkers. Once perceived as a source of inexpensive wines with an envious price-quality ratio, Spain has become increasingly sought out for the quality of its wines and many are fetching high prices. The American boom in Spanish tapas bars and restaurants (more than 70 establishments in New York City alone), with by-the-glass sales and adventurous Spanish wine lists, has helped introduce a multitude of new consumers to the jewels of the Spanish wine world. Likewise, savvy sommeliers around the country, once [...]

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How to Pair Seafood with White Wine

Author: Corinne Mossati With Easter a few days away, what better way to start the long weekend than with a trip to the Sydney Fish Market for fresh seafood to be paired with white wine. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family at home or simply taking time out to chill for four days, this guide for how to pair seafood with white wine will take the hassle of deciding what to eat and drink this Easter. How to Pair Seafood with White Wine 1. Salmon Fishcakes + Casillero Del Diablo Chardonnay For a Good Friday dinner that’s light and delicious, [...]

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A Do It Yourself Guide To Wine Pairing

Author: Paul Stern Seeking an expert wine pairing recommendation makes menu planning easy. You can simply find a professional you trust and take their word for which wine will match your food, but sometimes, it can be more fun to choose your own wine and food combination. This article will give you some questions to ask that will help you to find your own wine pairings for any dish.   1. What kind of wine do you and your friends like to drink? The first question is important because it can help you to eliminate options and make your decisions [...]

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Tips for Pairing Wine With Grilled Seafood

Author: Sarah Chappell Throwing some fish on the grill and spritzing it with a squeeze of lemon is an easy way to celebrate the waning days of summer. For drinkables, the rules had always been "drink white wine with fish." An inevitable backlash brought red into style, but there is room for both on the porch, soaking up the last illuminated evenings of the year. The wine you serve with a meal should never overwhelm your food, so if big oaked reds are your favorites, consider putting them aside for the night in favor of a wine with a lighter [...]

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What’s the Best White Wine to Pair With Seafood?

Author: Nicholas Daddona What’s the Best White Wine to Pair With Seafood? Today, Nicholas Daddona — New England-based sommelier and Director of Beverage for the Boston Harbor Hotel — explains some of the best white wine with seafood pairings. Could you explain some of your favorite styles of white wine and tips for pairing wine with seafood? What makes these pairings standout? Seafood is a New England staple. Boston and New England also have a unique availability of wines available in our restaurants and shops, as we enjoy an equal amount of old world (European) and new world (Americas and southern [...]

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Wine 101: Pairing Red Wine with Fish

Author: Marisa D’Vari Red wine lovers should feel confident pairing red wine with fish. The secret of a successful pairing is to match the weight and texture of the wine to that of the fish. Consider salmon. A butter or olive oil poached filet will result in a very silky texture of fish while roasted salmon gives it a heartier texture that can stand up to a more assertive red wine. Another factor in pairing red wine with fish is the sauce. Even a very delicate white fish such as cod, if served with a spicy red sauce, can stand [...]

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Candoni Complements: Finding the Perfect Pairing

Author: Candoni De Zan     Enjoying a hearty Italian meal with the family is never complete without the perfect wine to complement the food. Italian fare is meant to be an experience from start to finish, meaning that the wine which is chosen to accompany the meal is every bit as important as the meal with which it is being enjoyed. The rich flavors of pasta and meat are supposed to be balanced by an equally elegant wine, bringing out the best of the ingredients, and pleasing the company with whom you’re sharing it.   But sometimes finding the right wine [...]

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Best Wines For: Pairing with Umami

Author: Anne Krebiehl MW Here are top-rated pours that stand up to this unique fifth taste. It’s not sweet, sour, salty or bitter. It’s sort of savory, kind of subtle and definitely delicious, and it’s a pain to pair with wine. We’re talking about umami (pronounced oo-MOM-ee)—that mysterious fifth flavor we detect on our tongues. Discovered in 1908, Professor Ikeda at Tokyo Imperial University first isolated this mysterious taste when eating a traditional Japanese broth that featured seaweed—which contains the active ingredient glutamic acid, or glutamate. Distinctive from any other known taste, he named this interesting acid “umami,” from the Japanese [...]

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