Candoni Complements: Finding the Perfect Pairing

Author: Candoni De Zan     Enjoying a hearty Italian meal with the family is never complete without the perfect wine to complement the food. Italian fare is meant to be an experience from start to finish, meaning that the wine which is chosen to accompany the meal is every bit as important as the meal with which it is being enjoyed. The rich flavors of pasta and meat are supposed to be balanced by an equally elegant wine, bringing out the best of the ingredients, and pleasing the company with whom you’re sharing it.   But sometimes finding the right wine [...]

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Best Wines For: Pairing with Umami

Author: Anne Krebiehl MW Here are top-rated pours that stand up to this unique fifth taste. It’s not sweet, sour, salty or bitter. It’s sort of savory, kind of subtle and definitely delicious, and it’s a pain to pair with wine. We’re talking about umami (pronounced oo-MOM-ee)—that mysterious fifth flavor we detect on our tongues. Discovered in 1908, Professor Ikeda at Tokyo Imperial University first isolated this mysterious taste when eating a traditional Japanese broth that featured seaweed—which contains the active ingredient glutamic acid, or glutamate. Distinctive from any other known taste, he named this interesting acid “umami,” from the Japanese [...]

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Pairing seafood and wine

Author: Ralph Brennan Seafood & wine pairings Recent decades have seen an ever-burgeoning number of wine-savvy Americans. Likewise, the number of different wines available to them is constantly increasing, as wine makers continually come up with new ideas for every step of wine production, and vineyards take root in parts of the world that were previously devoid of viniculture. For those reasons and others, many of the old rules in the world of wine are constantly being updated. Particularly, the conventional rules of pairing seafood and wine are changing, giving you more choices than ever to please your palate and [...]

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Seafood wine pairing ideas: think beyond Pinot Grigio!

Author: The Italian Wine Girl My interview about seafood wine pairing featured by The Wine Buying Guide 1.Let’s start with the basics. What do you look for in a wine to pair with seafood? “Before looking for specific characteristics in wine we should start with a simple question: which kind of seafood are we preparing? Is it a simple white fish like halibut, is it shellfish (aka mussels and clams), is it a lobster, is it a fatty fish like tuna or salmon, is it a briny oyster The technique of wine and food pairing always begins with the analysis [...]

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15 Foolproof Seafood and Wine Pairings

Pairing wine with seafood doesn't have to be a challenge. Try these can't-miss matches and smart suggestions for effortless—and delicious—sipping and serving. 1 of 15 Photo: Howard L. Puckett Mixed Seafood + Rías Biaxas Recipe: Paella Cubana We love: Martín Códax Albariño Rías Baixas (about $14) Seafood and wine make a natural pair, and choosing the right wine for your dish can really highlight those flavors of the sea. In this recipe, you have scallops and shrimp and mussels and oysters—oh my! When there’s this much delicious seafood in the mix, a semi-dry white is a terrific choice. A light red, which you can [...]

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Pairing Wine with Fish and Seafood

Author: Hank Shaw Martí Sans/Stocksy United Whites Rule, but Reds and Rosés Have Their Place Pairing wine with fish or seafood can be daunting. Yes, white wines are generally the right choice—but which ones? Choose a dry white when you need a full-bodied, lush wine and you will be disappointed. What about seafood with heavy sauces, like barbecue or tomato sauce? Do you use the same wine with grilled shrimp that you do with lobster Thermidor? It can be confusing. Here are some quick rules and a few go-to wines for whenever you're serving seafood. Don't worry if you can't [...]

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Lively white wines pair with rich shrimp-feta spaghetti dish

Author: Michael Austin of the Chicago Tribune Shrimp, feta and tomatoes come together for a simple spaghetti dish that's packed with flavor. (Bob Fila/Chicago Tribune/TNS) This dish combines briny seafood with rich cheese and the natural acidity of tomatoes. Here are three bottles — a sparkling wine from Spain, and one white each from Italy and France — that have the liveliness and agility to bring together such contrasting elements. Spaghetti with shrimp, feta and tomatoes Ingredients: 6 oz. spaghetti 1 T olive oil 3 cloves garlic, minced ¾ lb shrimp, peeled and de-veined 1 can tomatoes (14 [...]

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5 Best Wines to Pair With Fresh Fish

Author: Julie Peirano 5 Best Wines to Pair With Fresh Fish Here are the best wines to pair with fresh fish | Source: iStock There’s no feeling like the fresh saltwater breeze coming off the water as you dine al fresco on a balmy summer night. With warmer evenings upon us, we’re all searching for an opportunity to take advantage of everything this time of year has to offer. From salty lobster to tender salmon, nothing goes better with seafood than a nice glass of wine. Seeing as there are experts who specialize in this task alone, a perfect pairing can be [...]

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12 Exceptions To The Rule That You Shouldn’t Drink Red Wine With Fish

Author: Alison Spiegel The rule of thumb for pairing wine with food is red wine goes with meat and white wine with fish. This well-known statute is strictly observed the world over — but are there ever exceptions? Like most culinary rules, if you understand why they exist you can usually break them, within reason. For example, you don’t have to truss a chicken before roasting it and scrambled eggs do not necessarily need to be cooked on low heat, the Amateur Gourmet says. Sometimes it’s fun to break the rules — and it can be a rewarding way to [...]

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The best wine matches for sardines

Author: Fiona Beckett Freshly caught grilled sardines are a treat at this time of year but how easy is it fo find a wine that will go with them? Look to the French and Portuguese for inspiration! In the Languedoc, for example ‘sardinades’ - big communal feasts with chargrilled sardines as the centrepiece - are regular features of the holiday season accompanied by the local crisp Picpoul de Pinet. In northern Portugal, you may be surprised to find they often drink red wine with them - the local dark frothy Vinho Verde - though white Vinho Verde, which also has [...]

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