Winetraveler’s Holiday Food and Wine Pairing Guide

Author: Greig Santos-Buch The holiday season is upon us, and for many, that means indulging in our favorite foods and drinks. November and December call to mind wintry landscapes, ugly sweaters, large turkey dinners and fun with friends and family. But what wines pair best with all of this excitement? We went out and spoke with a number of certified sommeliers to get their opinions on the best holiday food and wine pairings. Throughout this guide, we’ll look at various styles of food, styles of wine (varietals and blends) as well as brand-specific recommendations you may be able to find [...]

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What’s the Best White Wine to Pair With Seafood?

Today, Nicholas Daddona — New England-based sommelier and Director of Beverage for the Boston Harbor Hotel — explains some of the best white wine with seafood pairings. Could you explain some of your favorite styles of white wine and tips for pairing wine with seafood? What makes these pairings standout? Seafood is a New England staple. Boston and New England also have a unique availability of wines available in our restaurants and shops, as we enjoy an equal amount of old world (European) and new world (Americas and southern hemisphere) wines. RELATED: Wine Pairing Basics – How Acids, Fats, Salts and [...]

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5 Best Seafood and Wine Pairings from Miami Beach Chefs

Author: South Beach Seafood Festival     Any true “seafoodie” is all about experiencing exceptional seafood and wine pairings. There are few things better than a delicious, flaky and buttery piece of fish or shellfish paired with a freshly corked bottle of fine wine. But, let’s be honest, most of us aren’t chefs or sommeliers. So we’re taking the guesswork out of the equation and offering up five perfect seafood and wine pairings! We reached out to a few of our favorite restaurants and top chefs from South Beach Seafood Week, a seafood and wine festival in Miami, to get [...]

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Four great Rieslings to pair with seafood, Asian spices and Alsace classics

Author: John Wilson European or Australian, Riesling is perhaps the greatest white grape variety Rieslings from Aldi, Wittmann, Zinck and Immich-Batterieberg   Having missed a connecting flight from London home to Dublin a few weeks back, and utterly exhausted, I treated myself to a reviving glass of Pewsey Vale’s The Contours Riesling, from Australia, and some potted shrimp with sourdough toast. It wasn’t cheap, but it was by far the best airport food I have had in years. It also reminded me just how good Riesling is with food. Riesling is a contender, alongside Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc, for the [...]

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A beginner’s guide to pairing food and wine

Author: Fiona Beckett   A beginner's guide to pairing food and wine You know your interest in wine has entered the next level when you start to wonder what food goes with the wine you’re drinking. So I thought it might be helpful to put together this beginner's guide, covering the basics of pairing wine with food. You’ll be pleased to hear a lot of it is common sense. You would probably no more think of drinking a crisp pinot grigio with a hearty beef stew or a full-bodied malbec with a delicate crab salad than I would but some [...]

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How to Pair Natural Wine with Seafood

Author: Naomi Tomky The Picture Pantry/Lisovskaya Na/Getty Images     Vinnie's Raw Bar opens soon in Seattle, and with it comes gorgeous natural wines paired with oysters, clams, shrimp, and more. Before Bryn Hagman could start picking wines for Vinnie’s Raw Bar, the highly-anticipated addition addition to Chris and Anu Elford’s Seattle bar empire, she had to—as M.F.K. Fisher once did—consider the oyster. These weren’t the meaty specimens she knew from New York, where she ran beverage programs at The Dutch and Chez Ma Tante, but brighter, more floral West Coast ones. Instead of classic Champagne (you won’t find it [...]

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A Guide to Chillable Red Wine

By Lisa Szot Photo by Sara Littlejohn Perk up your palate and take some risks by adding a chill to red wines. While Gamay and Pinot Noir are well-known contenders, the varieties listed here are also ripe for the refrigerator. Whatever you select, serve it at 50–60˚F. Cinsault Widely planted throughout Southern France, this grape’s thin skin produces delicate tannins well-suited for chilling. It is also known for its flowery aroma and fleshy flavors like strawberry and red cherries, which get racy when chilled. These juicy flavors and the acidity of a chilled Cinsault work well with mildly spicy Thai [...]

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What’s the best wine to drink with risotto? Ask Decanter

Author: Ellie Douglas What type of wine should you serve with risotto? We ask the experts… What wine should you drink with your risotto? Credit: Katerina Solovyeva / Alamy Stock Photo   Risotto and wine pairing – at-a-glance: A good all-rounder wine to try is a Gavi. Mushroom risotto works well with aged whites with earthy flavours Try a dry Sherry with seafood risotto Truffle risotto would work well with aged Chardonnay.   Risotto is a traditional Italian rice dish, originally from Piedmont, cooked slowly in stock and wine. For an easy all-round match, Fiona Beckett suggests going for Gavi, [...]

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Beginner’s Guide to White Wine

Author: serafinaprod Do vast wine selections, either at the store or on a menu, have you a bit confused? Are you overwhelmed by so many grape types, the perfect food pairings, as well as the diversity of wine flavors? To narrow things down a bit, let’s start with some of the most popular white wines. Here’s a simple, easy to follow, white wine guide — just to get you started. The Beginner’s White Wine Guide Chardonnay By far, the most consumed white wine is Chardonnay. The flavors in a glass of Chardonnay are a blend of tart green apple, crisp [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Food and Wine

Author: Emma Alois With Valentine’s Day so close, now is the opportune time to talk about wine and food pairing menus. Believe it or not, any kind of restaurant can have one. Wine is more than a drink—it’s a flavor enhancer. Plus, offering a special menu presents numerous benefits to your restaurants. You can introduce new wines you purchased for the bar. You can test out new dishes before including them on the regular menu. Timid wine drinkers may be encouraged to explore new grapes, and they may grow comfortable ordering bottles of wine. Wine and food pairing creates a [...]

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