Ocean Beauty to debut new portions, salmon candy at Seafood Expo North America

Author: Christine Blank   Ocean Beauty Seafoods will debut new products under its Ocean Beauty and Echo Falls brands at Seafood Expo North America 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts, 17 to 19 March. In addition, after the Seattle, Washington-based supplier announced last month that it has become the U.S. distributor for Findus, a brand of Nomad Foods in Sweden, it said it will display Findus’s frozen portions, breaded and value-added seafood, and steamable flavored cod loins at the expo. Ocean Beauty’s new retail line of skin-packed seafood portions under its Ocean Beauty brand includes Alaska sockeye salmon, Alaska halibut, Alaska cod, [...]

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Aller Aqua debuts specialty feed for recirculating aquaculture systems

Author: Cliff White   Christiansfeld, Denmark-based aquaculture firm Aller Aqua has debuted a new aquafeed specifically designed for recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Its PowerRAS feed line is based upon Aller Aqua’s proprietary research on raw material nutrient digestibility for fish at different life stages and under varying environmental conditions, the company said. “The PowerRAS concept meets the high demands towards feed for RAS in terms of feed efficiency, optimal water quality, and subsequent fish growth,” Aller Aqua said in a press release. “The concept is the result of continuous research and trial work at Aller Aqua research in combination with [...]

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Jet, Fulton Fish Market Team For Seafood Delivery

Author: PYMNTS In an effort to deliver sustainable and fresh seafood to customers in New York City, Jet.com and Fulton Fish Market are teaming up for Jet’s City Grocery experience. The offering will allow customers to buy fresh yellowfin tuna and wild Chilean sea bass, among other products, Deli Market News reported. Jet President Simon Belsham said, according to the outlet, “Jet customers will now be able to order nearly 25 varieties of sustainably sourced seafood straight to their door, and know that the product is being provided by a trusted source. It is yet another convenience Jet is bringing to [...]

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How Often Should You Be Eating Fish?

Author: Sally Wadyka New guidelines reassert the heart-healthy benefits of seafood New guidelines from the American Heart Association published today in the journal Circulation cement the importance of eating fish to help protect your heart. The panel of experts who produced the AHA’s new scientific advisory on fish consumption reviewed the research that has emerged in the decade and a half since the AHA’s last issued recommendations for eating fish in 2002. “We looked at several more cardiovascular disease-related endpoints [related to seafood consumption], including congestive heart failure, stroke, and hypertension,” says Eric B. Rimm, Sc.D., chair of the AHA’s writing [...]

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8 Curious Facts About Fish

Author: Wendy Stokes Fish is an inseparable part of a healthy lifestyle and more specifically a balanced eating regime. As we all know, there are dozens of studies that would back that claim up. Nutritionists and doctors recommend an average intake of 2 fish to be at least 2 times a week. Among most consumers’ preferred choices are white fish, salmon, mackerel, herring, carp, tuna, trout and more. No matter which species you prefer when you’ve set your sights on cooking seafood, you should get an effective fish scaler to help you deal with the processing of a fish as fast [...]

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Experts question value of “premium” seafood

Author: Cliff White At the beginning of the panel on premium finfish at the 2019 Global Seafood Market Conference in Coronado, California, on 15 January, moderator Derek Figueroa, the chief operating officer of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.-based Seattle Fish Company, flashed a slide with the definition of both “premium” and “premium seafood.” Premium: Noun – a high-value or a value in excess of that normally or usually expected. Adjective – of exceptional quality or amount. Premium seafood: Species or product form whose attributes drive product preference over and above the norm. Figueroa clarified that the second definition had been created by [...]

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Wife and husband duo crowned fish and chips champions

Author: Nicki Holmyard   Husband and wife team Tim and Kelly Barnes, from Krispies Fish and Chips located in Exmouth, Devon, United Kingdom, joined an elite team in January, as they were announced winners of the National Fish & Chip Awards 2019. Their new title makes them one of just 31 fish and chip shops to have been awarded the title since 1988, when the competition began. Today, there are around 10,500 specialist fish and chip shops in the U.K. They dramatically outnumber popular international fast food outlets such as McDonalds, which has 1,200 outlets, and Kentucky Fried Chicken with [...]

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Seafood processor conference set in Baton Rouge

Author: WAFB   BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Experts will meet in late January to discuss the latest trends, best practices and new equipment in micro-processing. Representing the LSU Sea Grant College Program and LSU AgCenter, the experts will present information at Seafood Processors Conference on Jan. 30, according to a release from the LSU AgCenter. “The world of seafood is changing, especially for our harvesters, and we believe micro-processing could be the path to economic sustainability,” said Thomas Hymel, AgCenter and Sea Grant extension agent and director of the Louisiana Direct Seafood program. The one-day event will be held [...]

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Rare ‘Calico Lobster’ Found at Maryland Seafood Counter

Author: Jessica Anderson   A rare "calico lobster" named Eve remains in a special tank at Ocean City Seafood until she’s expected to be relocated to an aquarium. (Courtesy of Ocean City Seafood)   Unloading a shipment from Maine, the owner of Ocean City Seafood distributor in Silver Spring made a one-in-30-million discovery. Among the dark bluish and greenish brown crustaceans, the owner found a rare “calico” lobster with a mottled orange and black shell in a delivery last month. “We knew she was special we didn’t even know why,” said Rita Montoya, a spokeswoman for Ocean City Seafood. Montoya [...]

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Stir: Oldest underwater restaurant looks at seafood’s underside

Author: Joanna Fantozzi At Ithaa, located in the Maldives, guests enjoy ocean-view dining   Aside from white sandy beaches and a tropical climate, the Maldives islands are especially well known for one peculiar tourist attraction category: the underwater restaurant. At Ithaa — which touts itself as the world’s oldest underwater restaurant — guests dine on astronomically priced seven-course dinners or four-course lunches 16 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean with 180-degree views of schools of tropical fish, sting rays and sharks swimming above their heads. But guests won’t find the marine wildlife swimming just outside the windows anywhere [...]

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