As March approaches we have dreams of warmer weather, sunshine, and the faintest hint of greenery sprouting from our flower beds. However, this dream is usually sadly overcast with the true reality that winter has not yet left us. We still have to deal with the temperamental March that may give us 6 inches of snow one day and a sunny and 50 degree day the next. This reality reminds us that we still have one more month of cold and flu season. While the flu has not been terrible this year, other viruses have reared their nasty heads and [...]

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Clean Space Clear Thoughts: Mind, Body & Spirit

I wish there was a manual on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Maybe even a checklist. Mostly because I love checklists. Wake up refreshed – check. Eat a balanced all-natural breakfast – check. Spend five minutes in solitary meditating – check. Drink a ton of water throughout the day – check. Get in a good workout – check. And the checklist would go on and on. But of course, there isn’t a checklist on how to live a healthy and well balance lifestyle. Because if there was, I would own this checklist. And I would have it memorized. But [...]

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