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Feast Portland

Author: Feast Portland ABOUT FEAST Feast Portland is more than a food and drink festival. It’s a movement that showcases the energy, creativity and enthusiasm that’s driving America’s food revolution while celebrating two of the culinary world’s most inspiring places: Portland and Oregon. From spirited one-of-a-kind large-scale events featuring trendsetting chefs from all over the country and the world, to intimate hands-on classes, collaborative dinners and panels, Feast offers some of the most compelling experiences and original programming in the modern food festival conversation. Founded in 2012 by Mike Thelin and Carrie Welch, Feast is also a festival that puts [...]

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Why Eat Seafood? Take the “Eat More Fish” Challenge

Author: Cooking Light Randy Mayor September's Goal: Make seafood the centerpiece of two meals a week. When scientists compare diets around the globe, the healthiest have one thing in common: lots of seafood. People in Iceland, for example, have the world’s highest per capita consumption of seafood—a stunning 220 pounds per year. Icelanders also have one of the longest life expectancies of any nationality—nearly 81 years. Fish isn’t the only reason, but it helps. What makes seafood healthy? First, it’s a lean protein option, with very little saturated fat. Also, the fat it does contain is mostly good-for-you omega-3 fatty [...]

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Oliver Luckett hopes to bring Disney magic to new seafood brand Niceland

Author: Nicki Holmyard Niceland, a new brand of seafood from Iceland, will hit the shelves of several major retailers in the U.S.A. next week. Flown in directly from Reykjavik, Niceland Seafood’s initial offering will be fresh wild-caught, Marine Stewardship Council-certified haddock, cod, redfish, wolfish, and plaice, plus farmed Arctic char. The initiative is the brainchild of tech mogul and branding expert Oliver Luckett, the former head of innovation at The Walt Disney Company and founder and chief executive officer of social media management company theAudience. Luckett is working closely with his founding partner and CEO, Heida Helgadottir, an Icelandic politician [...]

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Shrimp Creole

Recipe and Photo: Ideal Diet / CC BY-NC-ND Source: https://stlcooks.com/shrimp-creole-2/ Shrimp Creole 1 pound large shrimp (shelled and deveined)1 1/2 tablespoons minced garlic1 tablespoon Creole seasoning1 red bell pepper (chopped)1 tablespoon grapeseed oilJuice of 1 lemon1/4 cup chopped parsley In a bowl, toss the shrimp with the garlic, creole seasoning, and bell pepper.In a skillet, sauté the shrimp in the oil over moderately high heat for 3-4 minutes per side, until just white throughout. Add the lemon juice and parsley and serve.  

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A Do It Yourself Guide To Wine Pairing

Author: Paul Stern Seeking an expert wine pairing recommendation makes menu planning easy. You can simply find a professional you trust and take their word for which wine will match your food, but sometimes, it can be more fun to choose your own wine and food combination. This article will give you some questions to ask that will help you to find your own wine pairings for any dish.   1. What kind of wine do you and your friends like to drink? The first question is important because it can help you to eliminate options and make your decisions [...]

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Tropical Ceviche

Author: The Food Addicts / CC BY-NC-SA Photo Credit:The Food Addicts / CC BY-NC-SA Source: https://stlcooks.com/tropical-ceviche/ Tropical Ceviche 8 oz. shrimp8 oz. bay scallops1/2 red onion (diced)2 jalapenos (seeded and diced)2 Roma tomatoes (chopped)1/3 cup cilantro (roughly chopped)1/4 cup sweet mango (chopped)1/4 cup pineapple (chopped)1/2 cup lime juice1/2 tsp salt1/2 tsp pepper1/2 cup avocado (chopped) If you want to speed up the marination process, you can blanch the shrimp and scallops for a couple of minutes until barely cooked.Drain and chop shrimp and scallops.If you prefer working with raw seafood, chop shrimp and scallops without blanching.In a large mixing bowl, [...]

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Tips for Pairing Wine With Grilled Seafood

Author: Sarah Chappell Throwing some fish on the grill and spritzing it with a squeeze of lemon is an easy way to celebrate the waning days of summer. For drinkables, the rules had always been "drink white wine with fish." An inevitable backlash brought red into style, but there is room for both on the porch, soaking up the last illuminated evenings of the year. The wine you serve with a meal should never overwhelm your food, so if big oaked reds are your favorites, consider putting them aside for the night in favor of a wine with a lighter [...]

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Canada’s Maximum Seafood expands into US market

Author: Madelyn Kearns Source: https://www.seafoodsource.com/news/business-finance/canada-maximum-seafood-expands-into-us-market   Ontario, Canada-based company Maximum Seafood is expanding into the United States with the launch of Maximum Seafood USA, the firm announced on 1 June. A division of Medex Fish Importing and Exporting Co. Ltd., Maximum Seafood was founded in 2001 by siblings Max and Leo D’Elia, alongside their brother-in-law, Tony D’Angelo. The D’Elias were first introduced to the seafood industry by their father, an Italian immigrant and entrepreneurial fishmonger, who inspired his sons and extended family to build a business valuing supreme quality, honesty, and top-of-the-line service above all, according to the company’s website. [...]

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Top 8 Reasons You Should Be Eating Seafood

Author: Nikolai Nikitenko SEAFOOD HEALTH BENEFITS 1.) Omega-3 It is often found that in today’s society we do not consume enough Omega-3. The consumption of Omega-3 can help enforce good eyesight, helps fight inflammation and can even help boost brain function. When you eat fish like salmon or black cod you will receive a very healthy dose of Omega-3, which in turn will help keep you healthy and feeling good. 2.) Good cholesterol We all know that the older we get, the more we need to pay attention to our cholesterol. But did you know that there are two types [...]

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Taste of Downtown STL highlights the many restaurants in Downtown St. Louis during a free admission outdoor festival with some of the best restaurants in Downtown St. Louis paired with drinks, artists, and unique retailers. There is also a local music showcase on the main stage and special experiences with local chefs for patrons to enjoy. WHEN Saturday, June 16 12-9pm Sunday, June 17 11-7pm WHERE Kiener Plaza [map] CONTACT taste@saintlouisdna.org Participating Restaurants Taste of Downtown STL features the many restaurants in Downtown St. Louis — check back next week to see this year’s lineup of restaurants!         [...]

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