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10 Exciting Rosé Wines to Try

Author: Colleen Graham Learn to Appreciate Pink Wine Again S&C Design Studios Pretty in pink, rosé wines are far more diverse than you may suspect. While it's often associated with the sweetness of an inexpensive White Zinfandel, there is so much more to discover! From sparkling bubbles to dry French Provençal rosés, this style of wine is no one-trick-pony. Rosé is an exciting category in wine today. It's made all over the world and from all varietals of grapes; though they're different, strawberries are a common flavor and all are excellent for food pairings. When you're ready to dive into [...]

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How Often Should You Be Eating Fish?

Author: Sally Wadyka New guidelines reassert the heart-healthy benefits of seafood New guidelines from the American Heart Association published today in the journal Circulation cement the importance of eating fish to help protect your heart. The panel of experts who produced the AHA’s new scientific advisory on fish consumption reviewed the research that has emerged in the decade and a half since the AHA’s last issued recommendations for eating fish in 2002. “We looked at several more cardiovascular disease-related endpoints [related to seafood consumption], including congestive heart failure, stroke, and hypertension,” says Eric B. Rimm, Sc.D., chair of the AHA’s writing [...]

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Salmon with Fruit Salsa

Author: Tawnea Source: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/50743/salmon-with-fruit-salsa/   Salmon with Fruit Salsa Prep: 15 minutes Cook: 40 minutes Ready In: 55 minutes 1 pound salmon steaks1 lemon (juiced)1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemarysalt and pepper to taste1 lemon (sliced)1/3 cup water1/4 cup diced fresh pineapple1/4 cup minced onion3 cloves garlic (minced)2 fresh jalapeno peppers (diced)1 to mato (diced)1/2 cup pineapple juice1/4 cup diced red bell pepper1/4 cup diced yellow bell pepper Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).Arrange salmon steaks in a shallow baking dish, and coat with the lemon juice. Season with rosemary, salt, and pepper. Top with lemon slices. Pour [...]

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For a Great Sustainable Seafood Choice, Choose Mussels

Author: Melanie Pinola       Mussels are not only inexpensive and tasty, they're one of the most sustainable types of seafood—and can even help improve the environment. Here's how to make mussels your go-to choice for sustainable seafood.                                     Photo by bugmonkey Buying seafood responsibly is essential for protecting our environment, but choosing the right seafood can be complicated because of all the variables involved with the "sustainable seafood" label. At a restaurant or market, you might not know where a fish was [...]

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23rd Key West Lobsterfest

23rd Annual Key West Lobsterfest A Celebration of our favorite Crustacean! August 8th - 11th, 2019 424 Greene Street Key West, FL 33040, US (305) 998-8599 Home Events Festival Info Lodging Tickets Festival Details Fresh Lobster, Cold Beer & Live Music  Welcome to the official site of Key West Lobsterfest. Every year we celebrate the opening of Lobster Season by throwing the biggest party of the summer. Thousands of lobster lovers descend on Key West for four glorious days and nights. Events Thursday: Lobster Boil Friday: Pub Crawl Saturday: Street Fair & Concert Sunday: Brunch Book Now Delicious Recipies Caribbean Lobster [...]

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8 Curious Facts About Fish

Author: Wendy Stokes Fish is an inseparable part of a healthy lifestyle and more specifically a balanced eating regime. As we all know, there are dozens of studies that would back that claim up. Nutritionists and doctors recommend an average intake of 2 fish to be at least 2 times a week. Among most consumers’ preferred choices are white fish, salmon, mackerel, herring, carp, tuna, trout and more. No matter which species you prefer when you’ve set your sights on cooking seafood, you should get an effective fish scaler to help you deal with the processing of a fish as fast [...]

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Is Cod Healthy? Nutrition, Calories, Benefits, and More

Author: Health Line Cod is a fish with flaky, white flesh and a mild flavor. It’s packed with protein, B vitamins, and minerals. However — unlike many other types of seafood — cod is not often promoted as a health food, so you may wonder whether it’s good for you. This article tells you everything you need to know about cod, including its nutrition content and health benefits. What Is Cod?Cod is a popular, widely harvested fish because of its flaky, white flesh and mild taste. Several species of fish within the genus Gadus are considered cod, including the Atlantic, [...]

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TASTE TALK: White wines for seafood

Author: Sarah Singleton The sun may have set on summer but there's no reason why you can can't flip-flop among the array of bright whites on the shelves right now. With our fishmongers' stalls laden with mussels, oysters, crab and plaice, and scallops and monkfish on the menu too, there's oceans of choice for a seaworthy supper. And to rekindle holiday moments, we've sailed through the aisles and shortlisted some heavier whites to pair with fisherman's pie and seasonal seafood, along with some crisp, tangy whites for shellfish... 1. Taste the Difference Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2017, France (£7.50, Sainsbury's): [...]

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St. Petersburg Seafood & Music Festival

Home Sponsorship Exhibitor Info Contact St. Petersburg Seafood & Music Festival March 1-3, 2019, Vinoy Park, St. Petersburg, FL Join us on March 1-3, 2019 in Vinoy Park for the 3rd Annual St. Petersburg Seafood & Music Festival.  Festivities begin Friday evening from 4pm - 10pm and continue Saturday 11am - 10pm and Sunday 11am - 6pm. Come enjoy downtown St. Petersburg with friends and family. The event is graciously co-hosted by the City of St. Petersburg and coordinated with the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance.   Select from delectable foods cooked on site incorporating the freshest ingredients by local restaurants and food purveyors.  [...]

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Is Seafood the “Ultimate” Brain Food?

Author: Nora Gedgaudas by Nora Gedgaudas Let’s face it, fish as a dietary inclusion seems to enjoy an almost (excuse the terminology) “sacred cow” status that no one bothers to question. It seems to be the darling of every health enthusiast out there. Even a number of self-proclaimed vegetarians/vegans will curiously mention that they also (paradoxically) include fish as part of their diets, while adamantly eschewing all (other) forms of meat. Mind you, I could go on and on (and have been known to do so) about all the potential risks associated with seafood consumption nowadays (another tome for another [...]

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