//4204 Main Street Brewing Company

4204 Main Street Brewing Company

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Have you ever noticed how certain restaurants have the ability to “breathe new life” into a town once they become established? I certainly have, and the restaurant Main Street Brewing Company, also known as 4204, is no exception to this statement. It is a lovely place to dine if you have the time, and it is conveniently located within the Alton Square Mall’s parking lot, albeit a bit off to the side so as to not affect their own parking.

When compared to many of the other restaurants inside Alton, Illionois, this one ranks on the higher end of the scale in terms of atmosphere. The interior of the restaurant is full of dark wood and low lighted accents, and more often than not, the tone of the patrons is nothing if not hushed. I find this helps to encourage everyone to relax and enjoy their meal without having to raise their voices to be heard.

Given the muted presence of the restaurant, you would probably expect the menu items to be higher in price, but the complete opposite holds true. If anything, it is cheaper to dine at this restaurant than most others namely because of the deals they offer to the public almost daily. Personally I like to come on Thursdays, as the Alton location has half price appetizers all day long which makes it an ideal destination to meet up with friends and catch up on old times, or just current happenings.

I am quite a fan of both pasta and seafood, and I really like that this restaurant offers the best of both. They have a dish on their menu called simply enough Shrimp and Scallops Scampi. While the price is reasonable, this is definitely not a dish for the faint of heart. Both the shrimp and scallops are jumbo, and the portion of fettuccine in Scampi sauce is very large. This definitely is one dish that can be enjoyed both for dinner and more than likely for lunch as well the following day, especially if you try the homemade bread and honey butter that is offered when you first sit at your table.

There really is something for everyone at this restaurant, be it pork, beef, chicken, seafood or vegetarian and I think that’s one of the reasons I keep coming back. I have been to 4204 quite a few times, and I have yet to try the same dish twice! If you are in the area, and you want a place to eat a relaxing meal that wont ruin your budget, I would definitely recommend giving this place a try.

Author: Jessica Kirk-Gregory