Salmon with Gingery Vegetables and Turmeric

Author: Marcia Kiesel Source: Salmon with Gingery Vegetables and Turmeric Total Time: 30 MIN Serves : 4 1/2 pound broccoli—cut into florets (stem peeled and sliced)1/2 pound cauliflower (cut into florets)3/4 cup water3 tablespoons vegetable oil (plus more for rubbing)1 medium onion (thinly sliced)1 1/2 tablespoons minced fresh gingerSalt and freshly ground pepper1/4 teaspoon turmeric1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk1 tablespoon chopped Indian lime pickleFour 6-ounce salmon fillets with skin In a deep skillet, simmer the broccoli and cauliflower, covered, in 1/2 cup of the water for 3 minutes;transfer to a bowl.In the skillet, heat the 3 tablespoons of vegetable [...]

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Seamark Launches King Prawn Ready-to-Cook Range

Seamark's King Prawn Pak Choi. Seamark has launched its first foray into ready-to-cook, featuring the group’s signature product – prawns. On Tuesday, April 24 at the Seafood Expo Global in Brussel the Manchester, UK, headquartered global seafood supplier unveiled its ‘complete cuisine’ range of King Prawn Stir Fry, King Prawn Pak Choi and King Prawn Quinoa. It’s a trio of freshly frozen, easy to prepare, well-balanced prawn and vegetable-led dishes in tune with contemporary healthy lifestyles. King Prawn Quinoa and King Prawn Stir Fry. King Prawn is the universal nickname for Seamark’s founder and CEO Iqbal Ahmed OBE. In 40 years, [...]

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Benefits of Seafood

If you are looking for a flavorful, easy to prepare dish with perfect health benefits, seafood is the tastiest way to go. Recommended by the USDA, you should include seafood into your diet 2 – 3 meals a week for maximum health benefits. Currently some of the most popular seafood consumed by Americans includes Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna, Cod, and Crab. The lot goes far beyond that and if it’s in the ocean, Samuels can get it for you. Flavors of the Sea:If you are new to seafood, you may be curious about what the sea tastes like. Seafood is very [...]

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Seafood wine pairing ideas: think beyond Pinot Grigio!

Author: The Italian Wine Girl My interview about seafood wine pairing featured by The Wine Buying Guide 1.Let’s start with the basics. What do you look for in a wine to pair with seafood? “Before looking for specific characteristics in wine we should start with a simple question: which kind of seafood are we preparing? Is it a simple white fish like halibut, is it shellfish (aka mussels and clams), is it a lobster, is it a fatty fish like tuna or salmon, is it a briny oyster The technique of wine and food pairing always begins with the analysis [...]

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2018 St. Louis Microfest

Q. What is the St. Louis Microfest? A. The St. Louis Microfest is one of the premiere festivals in the St. Louis area! Microfest is a beer tasting festival that offers festivals goers the chance to sample international and craft beers at 3 different session times over 2 days. The festival also includes live music, silent auction, food, demonstrations by local brewers and chefs, and more than enough fun! Proceeds from the St. Louis Microfest go to benefit Lift For Life Gym. Since 1988, Lift For Life Gym has been providing St. Louis’ inner-city youth with positive alternatives to drug [...]

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The World’s Premier Conference on Seafood Sustainability

Why You Must Attend: Global leaders and representatives from retail, the seafood industry, governments, NGOs, academia, conservation community and more join the Summit every year, because: This is an important forum to come together and discuss the issues on sustainability and seafood. The global perspective, representatives from business, NGO’s and governments makes it a potentially strong industry led initiative to make improvements.” Marit Van Der Heijden, Anova Seafood The broad range of stakeholders and networking opportunities are fantastic.” David Parker, Young's Seafood Ltd. It’s probably the biggest event I can think of where you have the leaders from all elements of the [...]

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Mike Shannon’s 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

Classy, friendly and full of die-hard Cardinals fans are the words that immediately come to mind when describing the wonderful 5 year Anniversary celebration that took place just this past weekend at Mike Shannon’s Grill located in Edwardsville, Illinois. Now as many of you know, Illinois is a state in which you are apt to experience a day that is reminiscent of summer followed by a day that might end in snow, and this has been especially true as of late. However, the weather for this event cooperated beautifully and as I arrived at the restaurant I was happy to [...]

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15 Foolproof Seafood and Wine Pairings

Pairing wine with seafood doesn't have to be a challenge. Try these can't-miss matches and smart suggestions for effortless—and delicious—sipping and serving. 1 of 15 Photo: Howard L. Puckett Mixed Seafood + Rías Biaxas Recipe: Paella Cubana We love: Martín Códax Albariño Rías Baixas (about $14) Seafood and wine make a natural pair, and choosing the right wine for your dish can really highlight those flavors of the sea. In this recipe, you have scallops and shrimp and mussels and oysters—oh my! When there’s this much delicious seafood in the mix, a semi-dry white is a terrific choice. A light red, which you can [...]

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Limited edition royal wedding smoked salmon enters retail channels

Author: Jason Holland   John Ross Jr., a U.K. fish merchant and curer by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, is marking the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by launching a celebration smoked salmon. The Original Rum Cured Smoked Salmon, presented in a bridal white pack, draws on a 160-year old recipe using rum and sugar cane. It is available in 90 Waitrose stores across the southeast of England, independent retail stores in the United Kingdom, retailers across Europe and online at the producer’s website from 23 April until the end of May, or until stocks last, priced [...]

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Octopus Salad with Potatoes and Green Beans

Author: Maurizio Quaranta Source: © Francesco Lagnese Octopus Salad with Potatoes and Green Beans Active Time: 30 MIN Total Time: 1 HR 30 MIN Yield: Serves 8 When octopus is slowly simmered, it becomes delicate and tender. Tossed in a salad with potatoes and green beans, then dressed with garlic and parsley, it makes for a very lovely and satisfying dish. 1 onion (halved)1 carrot (chopped)1 celery rib (chopped)1 bay leaf1 1/2 pounds octopus tentacles (separated)1/2 pound green beans (cut into 1 1/2-inch lengths)1 1/2 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes1 garlic clove (minced)1 tablespoon chopped parsley1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oilSalt [...]

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