Feast of the Seven Fishes serves up seafood variety

Author: Madelyn Kearns The Feast of the Seven Fishes, or “Esta dei Sette Pesci,” is said to have originated in the southern regions of Italy, near to Naples and Sicily. As such, the first celebrations of the feast within North America were hosted by Italian-Americans of Catholic faith, who carried the tradition with them when immigrating to the United States. Traditionally consumed on Christmas Eve, the “Feast of the Seven Fishes” arose as a way to fast in anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ, usually observed on 25 December, or Christmas Day. The number seven is believed to be [...]

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Oysters on the Half Shell with Ceviche Topping

Author: Dylan Fultineer Source: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/oysters-on-the-half-shell-with-ceviche-topping Oysters on the Half Shell with Ceviche Topping Yield: Makes 12 oysters Ingredients1 teaspoon coriander seeds1/4 cup finely diced peeled Asian pear1/4 cup peeled (seeded and finely diced cucumber)1 serrano chile (seeded and minced)1 tablespoon minced cilantro1 tablespoon fresh lime juice1 teaspoon minced candied ginger1 teaspoon Asian fish sauce1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oilKosher saltPepper12 freshly shucked oysters on the half shell (such as Rappahannocks) How to Make ItStep 1In a small skillet, toast the coriander seeds over moderate heat until fragrant, about 2 minutes. Let cool, then coarsely crush the seeds in a mortar. In [...]

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Smoked Trout Brandade

Author: Linda Schneider Source: http://www.seafoodnutrition.org/smoked-trout-brandade.html Smoked Trout Brandade Recipe by Linda Schneider of Wild Greens & Sardines Prep Time: 10 Minutes | Cook Time: 60 Minutes Serves: 6 INGREDIENTS1/2 pound potatoes (peeled)1 cup half and half3/4 pound smoked trout (bones removed, flaked)3 garlic cloves (peeled)A few sprigs of thyme1 bay leafBlack pepper3/4 cup olive oilSaltSqueeze of lemon juice2 Tbsp flat leaf parsley (chopped)Crusty French baguette DIRECTIONS​In a large pot, cover the potatoes with water and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer until the potatoes are easily pierced with a fork, about 30 minutes. Drain the potatoes. Mash [...]

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FDA issues import alert over hepatitis A in tuna

Author: Christine Blank The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued an Import Alert over hepatitis A found in raw, frozen tuna from two suppliers from Asia. The alert applies to frozen raw tuna from Sustainable Seafood Co. Ltd. in Can Lam, Vietnam, and P.T. Deho Canning Company in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. “FDA believes that hepatitis A virus-contaminated seafood is a result of insanitary conditions in the production or packing facilities, e.g., poor worker hygiene, inadequate worker sanitation facilities, and/or contaminated water supply,” FDA said in the alert. The FDA found hepatitis A virus in frozen raw tuna samples from [...]

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Mustard Baked Mackerel

Author: Kelly Armetta Source: http://www.seafoodnutrition.org/mustard-baked-mackerel.html Mustard Baked Mackerel 1 lbs. - Mackerel Fillets2 - Zucchinis (small, cut into rounds)2 Tbsp. - Mustard (Dijon)1 Tbsp. - Mayonnaise1 tsp. - Rosemary (Dried)2 Tbsp. - Olive OilSalt & Pepper (S&P to taste) Heat oven to 375 degrees.Mix mustard, mayonnaise and S&P, to taste.Lightly coat sheet pan with a little olive oil. Place fish onto pan and lightly spread mustard mixture on fish.Mix zucchini and rosemary with S&P and remaining olive oil. Spread zucchini in single layer around fish, or on a separate sheet pan.Bake mackerel and zucchini in oven for 15 minutes.Serving Suggestion: [...]

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Seafood

Author: Health Fitness Revolution From saltwater and freshwater fish to deep water shellfish, seafood is a beloved delicacy. Seafood is nutrient-rich, serves as a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and in the reduction of common diseases. So as you embark on yet another crawfish boil or fish fry, know that the seafood you’re consuming will yield many benefits! Here are the Top 10 from Health Fitness Revolution and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic: Provides essential nutrients – Though the specifics depend upon which type seafood you consume, seafood [...]

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Healthy Aging with More Seafood and Omega-3s

Authors: The staff, Board of Directors, and chef ambassadors of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership November is National Alzheimer’s Disease and Awareness Month, a time to educate and better understand the progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. During the month of November, the Alzheimer’s organizations across the US will be sharing new resources and ways to help raise awareness for Alzheimer’s, and honoring millions of caregivers. Here at the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, we’re big on inspiring a healthier America and that includes brain health (in addition to the many other health benefits associated with eating a seafood-rich [...]

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(Mini) Ahi Tuna Poke Bowls

Author: Julie Andrews, RDN Source: http://www.seafoodnutrition.org/mini-ahi-tuna-poke-bowls.html (Mini) Ahi Tuna Poke Bowls Prep Time: 15 Minutes Cook Time: 15 Minutes Serves: 10-12 INGREDIENTSTuna & Marinade:2 Tbsp. low sodium soy sauce2 Tbsp. brown sugar1 Tbsp. rice wine vinegar½ Tbsp. sesame oilSplash fish sauce1- inch piece fresh ginger (grated)3 cloves garlic (grated)1 lb. fresh ahi tuna (high quality, cubed)Poke Bowls:2 cups chopped veggies (shredded carrots, shelled edamame, sliced radishes, red or Napa cabbage)1-2 Tbsp. rice wine vinegar2 cups cooked sushi or Jasmine rice½-1 cup diced mango1-2 ripe avocados (sliced)3 green onions (sliced)2-3 Tbsp. toasted sesame seedsSpicy mayo (¼ cup mayo + 1-2 Tbsp. [...]

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5 Best Fish And Seafood Choices To Eat For Health

Author: Matthew Kadey, MS, RD Fish and seafood are great sources of protein. Here are the top five types for building lean muscle and the best ways to prepare them. Seafood is packed with protein, supercharged fats, and key vitamins and minerals. But it's important to choose well so you don't contribute to destructive fishing practices or eat fish contaminated by mercury and other toxic compounds. These choices provide plenty of nutritional perks, are low in harmful chemicals, and get a thumbs-up from Mother Nature. 1. Sablefish Also called black cod, sablefish from the deep waters of the north Pacific [...]

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A novel new aquaculture idea, home aquaponics kits, backed by FAO

Author: Jewel Fraser A novel new idea to give people the ability to grow fish in their own homes using aquaponics kits is picking up  momentum, under an FAO initiative to increase global food security. According to Iris Monnereau, regional project coordinator of the Climate Change Adaptation of the Eastern Caribbean Fisheries Project (CC4FISH), a project backed by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the home aquaponics movement is gaining traction. “Aquaponic systems can be located inside the home, thereby providing a secure means of income generation and nutritional security at the small-scale level,” Monnereau said. “It thus [...]

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